Why Us

Our Commitment To Marketing Your Property

We are committed to marketing your property in the best possible light with the best strategies to bring you the best buyer in the market place.

Database of Buyers

Tallowood Real Estate aims to connect the right buyer to the right property. Buyers details are entered into a comprehensive database and emailed weekly to all the buyers. Chances are we have a qualified buyer waiting right now for a property just like yours.


Tallowood Real Estate embraces the latest technology and has just undergone major reconstruction of our website to bring our clients the very best products and services.

The Sales Team

There is minimal turnover of sales staff, which makes for an excellent team environment, and the creation of synergy.

Skilled Negotiators

At the heart of every successful sale is the ability to secure the highest price and the best terms for our clients. Our Sales Team are highly skilled and highly trained professionals who know how to build rapport with potential buyers, articulate a property's selling features and most importantly how to conclude the deal.

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