Faq's from Buyers

Want assistance with your next or any future purchase?

Tallowood Real Estate and its agents offer an exclusive buyers agent service to potential clients. Purchasing property in this ever changing market can be very tricky. Contact us today to discuss this service and for our assistance. 

When looking to buy a home, what's the first steps and how do I go about it?

After establishing your area, you want to determine the amount of mortgage you can comfortably service and find the right property will come down to, systematically inspecting as many properties in that price range as you can. We suggest directly communicating with one of our sales consultants, on who will prioritise your open day schedule for the weekend and give you valuable feedback on comparable properties. Also a "tracker system" is ideal for those who have email, as new properties will be forwarded to you as they hit our website.

Is it more beneficial for me to continue to rent or purchase a home of my own?

It is far more beneficial in the long term to purchase a property as the capital appreciation over the years will create an asset far greater than any savings you may gain from renting.

Should I buy an established home or build my own?

This is a personal choice but you should be aware that there can be many costs involved in building which may not be included in your initial budget or your mortgage loan and there may be unforeseen delays in construction. When buying an established home, total costs are known from the outset.

What fees are involved when purchasing a property?

There are no fees payable to the Agent as this is paid to the Agent by the seller. There are, however, other associated costs involved when purchasing a property. (e.g. Stamp Duty, Solicitor/Conveyancer fees etc...)

Can I make the contract subject to finance at an auction?

No. At an auction all contracts are unconditional and there is no "cooling off" period either. We suggest all prospective purchasers should have bank approval limit arranged before they attend and bid at the auction. Any questions please speak to your mortgage broker or bank for further assistance

How do I know if the property will be in the same condition at Settlement as when I initially bought it?

Prior to settlement, you are entitled to a final inspection of the property (accompanied by your Agent) whereby you are able to inspect the property and ensure that all is to your satisfaction. Should any problems arise from this inspection, your agent will advise you of your rights.

What are the insurance requirements when purchasing a property?

If you are borrowing funds for the purchase, you are required to produce a "Certificate of Currency" in your name outlining all relevant details of the building insurance policy prior to Settlement taking place.

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