Company Profile

Tallowood Real Estate is family owned business that has been in formal operation in its current location in Tuncurry since September, 2016. The reputation that the company is building in the Great Lakes area is one built on loyalty, honesty, trust and ethics. Here at Tallowood Real Estate we pride ourselves on the simple ethos of “what we say, is what we do.”

Our vendors and other stakeholders are our main priorities. Achieving the best result for these individuals is the foremost and desirable outcome. We have involved ourselves in a number of local community groups and provide sponsorship to differing organisations.

These include the Great Lakes Education Fund (GLEF), Focus magazine, Great Lakes FM and the Manning Great Lakes Property Guide.

Services offered

Our core business activities include,

- Sales / Auction - Residential

- Stock and Station Agency

- Buyers Agents

- Rental / Leasing - Residential

- Property Management

- Comparative Market Appraisals

Consider a career in Real Estate 

Congratulations on your decision to further improve your career with a consideration of a position at Tallowood Real Estate. This document has been constructed to answer any questions you may have in relation to becoming a sales agent. We want to provide you with all the facts, allowing you to make an informed decision about commencing a career in real estate sales. If there is anything you would like explained in more detail, please make a note and we will address in detail during our possible meetings with you

Who are Tallowood Real Estate?

Tallowood Real Estate was established in 2016 and is going from strength to strength living by the company motto “Action based on honesty and knowledge”

Tallowood Real Estate is a service-focused Company made up of pro-active, like-minded people who strive to be the best they can possibly be. The Company has embraced new technologies, including internet and database capabilities, as well as adopting an assertive and uncompromising approach to the recruitment of top personnel.

Why be part of Tallowood Real Estate?

Many professionals reach a point in their career where they have gone as far as they can go. Their current employment operating structuring is limiting, creating the need to expand and break away from current employment situations. To remain focused and stimulated, a career path is needed. Many do what they believe is the logical next step - opening their own business - as a means to an end. However, once this step is taken it is very hard to retrieve the capital you have risked on the way. Very few actually succeed due to the enormous amount of pressure placed upon small business owners. The focus is shifted from listing and selling property, to juggling accounts and running the business.

At Tallowood Real Estate, we want you to have a business within a business without the risks associated with technology, rent, staff and general overheads. Building a successful company is a laborious and expensive process. So rather than becoming a jack of all trades in a start-up business, we would like you to take the opportunity to be part of something very special. Your decision to join Tallowood Real Estate will allow you to be involved with great people within the real estate industry.

Does Tallowood Real Estate have a preferred employment background?

If you are a mature, confident individual with strong communication skills and empathy toward people wishing to buy or sell real estate, then we are certainly interested in speaking with you.

How do I get started in real estate?

Your first priority is to be proactive in a number of ways:

Obtain your basic approvals. With the introduction of new legislation requirements issued from the Office of Fair Trading, anyone wishing to enter the real estate sector is required to complete the certificate of registration course.

The course provides attendees with both basic and specific knowledge skills to work effectively and efficiently within a real estate agency.

They cover basic entry-level functions to enable compliance with legal and procedural requirements for such work activities. They identify potential risks to the consumer at large associated with the marketing, sale, leasing, management and associated activities within the property industry.

Consider your personal image in regards to dress and general appearance. A good image leads to improved self esteem, which gives you more confidence, encourages your performance and earns, you more recognition when you are listing and selling real estate.

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